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11am, Tuesday 10th August 2021

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What’s the Best Way to Recruit Developers?

  • How do you avoid bad ones?
  • How do you know who are the good ones?
  • Where do you find them?

Ben Lattimore has previously worked as a developer, and now has his own development studio, Lattimore and Friends. Let’s just say, he’s more than perfected this process.

“Each agency has to make a decision themselves as to what they value and how they bring that value,” he says. 

We’ll be talking to Ben all about how to bring the best talent on board. Some of these ideas include:

  • Hiring local v remote (or even global). “If you go local, you have the benefit of having people in the office, but with a higher cost. If you go abroad, it has become incredibly hard to identify upfront the good from the bad.”
  • Introducing a formalised testing process. It’s important to identify what’s important to you and testing developers to make sure they’re right for you. “A formalised system can cost a bit of time and effort but save so much more stress and aggravation down the line.”
  • Using the appropriate tools. This is not only useful for the developer, but also for you to understand exactly what you need when communicating with them – it will probably save time too.
  • Nailing your QA. “Having a really robust way of managing quality assurance, having the right software, and having an understanding of the developer’s responsiveness makes a huge difference.”

Join us as we talk to Ben about the best ways to approach and work with developers – and you might walk away with a whole new process.