Selling to Procurement


Selling to Procurement

  • Make procurement your ally – not your obstacle

  • Win more work and cut stress by learning to “speak” procurement

  • Essential workshop for any agency serious about growing its business

What if procurement was your friend – not your enemy?

Procurement is a word that’s guaranteed to make agency leaders’ eyes roll back into their heads.

It’s easy to think that procurement only exists to stop you winning work.

  • They ask painful questions. (“How much profit are you making?”)

  • They refuse to look at your slide deck – insisting on making you fill out intricate forms and spreadsheets.

  • They seem to get between you and your client and take away all your magic weapons.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is, it’s possible to turn procurement into an ally. But to win with procurement, you must become procurement.

Mike Lander is an ex-procurement professional and Re:signal chairman. He has one foot in the buttoned-down world of procurement, and the freewheeling world of a busy agency.

In this one day workshop he shares some very interesting, practical advice that will transform the way you approach procurement.

In this training session, he covers:

  1. How can you make procurement your friend – so you can make them your ally instead of your enemy?

  2. How can you understand their motives – so you can help them to help you?

  3. How can you grow your relationship with procurement, and turn it into an ‘unfair advantage’ over other agency leaders?

About Mike Lander

Mike Lander is well known in agency land and the wider business landscape. Currently chairman of Re:signal, he’s a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of buying, growing and selling businesses. As well as his experience on the sourcing and procurement battlefield, he brings to the workshop his experience of building and running successful businesses across sectors.



  • The workshop happens on Friday 15th March at CitizenM Hotel Tower of London. It runs from 10am to 4.30pm.

  • Class size is limited to 20 people so Mike can help you individually.

  • Anybody can come – not just agency leaders. Agency Hackers events are normally aimed at agency leaders, but for this one you can decide to send somebody else on your team.

  • In-house delivery available. If you want to send more than three people, let me know because in-house might be a better option.

    Any other questions? Email me: [email protected]

 The workshop takes place on Friday March 15th at CitizenM Tower of London

The workshop takes place on Friday March 15th at CitizenM Tower of London