Pitch & Present

The One-Day Speaking Workshop for Agencies

Today, you have more opportunity than ever to tell your agency’s story by speaking in public. But many agencies only have a few ‘client facing’ people who can be counted on to hold their own in front of a live audience.

Pitch & Present is an ‘on your feet’ workshop that lets you upskill your agency leadership so they can represent your agency at pitches, client briefings and industry conferences.

Meet your workshop host

It’s all delivered by the brilliant and hilarious Bob Etherington, an ex-Reuters director who has been twice voted Europe’s Best Sales Trainer.

What the workshop covers

★ How to open your presentation ★ How to close with a bang ★ Using visual aids ★ Voice tricks to sound confident ★ What to put in your presentation ★ Dealing with Q&A ★ How to prepare and rehearsePublic speaking is the #1 fear.

Why? It’s often because people think they have to deliver TED-level masterpiece every time they speak. That’s not true! As Bob says: “You don’t have to be great – you just have to be GOOD.”

Most presentations are so mind-numbingly boring, even being ‘pretty decent’ is enough to have people sat rapt and engaged.