How Productisation Can Help PPC Agencies Outshine the Competition

Thursday 23 March 2023 / 16:00 GMT / 11:00 ET / 8:00 PST

• Dominating a sector can be a daunting challenge
• But doubling down on one corner of the market brings all kinds of efficiencies and benefits
• In this session, Astra Newton at Web Presence will dig into how her business is tacking the charity sector

“We’re on a journey to scale the business, and one big way we’re doing that is by finding bigger clients. But it has all sorts of implications for our business…”

Should you be building your agency around a niche?

Astra Newton from Web Presence joins Agency Hackers to explain how the digital agency created a dedicated package for charities that brought something new to the sector, while also improving culture and efficiency at the agency.

“The decision was born out of improving the cash flow by switching to something that was quick to turn around and moving to a more agile model. 

“Second to that, lots of our employees were really stressed with lots of demands and sometimes plain rudeness. We knew we didn’t want to work with people like this anymore.” 

Having already worked with a charity client before, Astra was keen to offer something in this sector that their competitors didn’t. Over nine months, she successfully created a dedicated package for charities that:

  • Answered sector pain points
  • Won over £1 million in free funding for charities
  • Drummed up 115 further potential clients in the pipeline
  • Boosted team morale and gave people back control of their time

Come along to hear more from Astra on how productisation brought renewed growth to Web Presence and what it means for the agency moving forward.

We are proud to partner with Diginius for this event. Diginius has partnered with Microsoft to help agencies make the most out of the Microsoft Advertising Network.

It’s an overlooked platform, and Diginius has a special program that can make it very worthwhile to move some of your spend across.

We will spend a little bit of time explaining how this works, and on the session you’ll be able to meet some of the Diginius team and find out how it all works.