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2pm, Tuesday 23rd March 2021

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PITCH IT, PRESENT IT, WIN IT: Improving Your Pitching Skills

Pitching is an integral part of what agencies do, but after almost a year in lockdown, we could do with a refresher course. We’ll be joined by Steve Bustin to talk about pitching no-no’s and how you can level up your approach for when we’re eventually face-to-face again.

We pitch all the time – it’s how we win most of our work as agencies.

But if lockdown and virtual pitching has taught us anything, it’s that our pitching skills need fine-tuning.

We’ll be joined by business communication expert, Steve Bustin, to talk over how you can refine your approach in order to pitch it, present it, and win it.

  • What is the point of your pitch? What do you actually want it to achieve, besides winning the client?
  • What really sets you apart from the rest? It’s as much about how you pitch as it is what you pitch – differentiation from your competitors is key
  • Are you ready to stand and deliver? There’s a huge importance in rehearsing, critiquing and honing your pitch until it’s perfect

These are just some of the things we’ll be talking about – but even things as simple as our word choice is important to bear in mind.

“There are words you need to avoid, whether that’s in pitches, presentations or creds,” says Steve. “Usually, you’re only using them because everyone else is, and more often than not, they don’t actually mean anything.”

And when it comes to pitching and presentations, making sure you’ve planned and structured them properly can make all the difference.

“Structuring your pitch properly makes it’s easy to understand, but also easy to deliver. Pitching and presenting with passion, and sounding like you mean it, makes a big difference,” he says.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to creative and compelling pitches and want to up your game before we’re face-to-face again, this is the session for you.