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11am, Tuesday 13th July 2021

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OPEN SOURCE: Gavin Shinfield

  • Gavin Shinfield is the co-founder and CSO of Kyan – a studio that builds platforms, apps, and digital products.
  • Started in 2003, it has a turnover of £5m. They have over 40 people currently, and they are based in Guildford.
  • In this Open Source session, we will go through the major chapters of Kyan’s story so far.
  • There are significant lessons in growth, focus and specialism.

It’s a rare opportunity to be given an in-depth look at key moments in the life of a successful agency – but we’ll be doing just that. 

Gavin Shinfield is the co-founder and CSO of Kyan, and we’ll be taking a closer look under the hood and drawing out the important lessons from his experiences.

  • From the early days and surviving the credit crunch…
  • …to realising there was a lot more work to do despite hitting the magic £1m mark…
  • …and how they’ve accelerated, rebranded, and refocused their vision.

“What we needed was to get some grown-ups in the room and actually work out how to structure the business so that we could scale it,” says Gavin.

Join this 90-minute-long deep dive into Gavin’s business, and see what you can learn from it.