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10.30am, Wednesday 2nd December 2020

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Office 2.0: What’s the Future of the Agency Workplace?

  • How – and WHERE – will your agency work post-Covid? 
  • Will you pick office, WFH or a ‘blended approach’?
  • Can you prevent cliques and silos when you have “comers in” and “stay homers”?

 When Covid restrictions were (briefly) loosened, lots of agencies opened their offices for the first time in months.

Many employees flocked back – but others weren’t so keen.

How will offices and their cultures function in a post-Covid world?

“The future of working, and the question of how we’ll work when all this is over, is quite interesting,” says Rachael Rainbow, operations director at Brilliant Noise.

“How do you stop there being cliques between those who come in and those who don’t?”

In this session we’ll be discussing all these questions and more with Rachael and the wider Agency Hackers community.

We’ll talk about:

  • How will a ‘blended approach’ work – and will it succeed?
  • How do you include people working from home… in the same meetings as people in the office?
  • Will a dedicated workspace ever be cost-effective for your agency, as flexible working becomes the standard working model? 

Join this if you’re trying to find the best approach to returning to work in 2021.