January 2021 at Agency Hackers

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Harness The Power of Procurement

What if procurement was your FRIEND, not your enemy?

It’s easy to think that procurement are only there to stop you winning work and get between you and your client.

Wrong! Mike Lander is an ex-procurement professional and agency leader. He’ll talk about how to grow your relationship with procurement and turn it into an ‘unfair advantage’ over other agencies in your space.

12pm, Tuesday 5th January 2021


Anthony McGaw has had two very successful exits – but they were VERY different experiences. One was big, one was small. He’ll be talking to us about the mistakes he made and the smarter decisions he has since made as a result

“Someone once told me that if your company doesn’t have an exit plan, then it’s just a hobby,” says Anthony.

In this session, we’ll cover
• Understanding the value of your agency
• Your exit motivation – and how that affects negotiations
• How earn-outs can be structured and what you’re in control of

 📅  11.00am, Thursday January 7th 2021

The Art of Talent Management

Glen Duncan was pleased to get a new job – but he didn’t think very much of 383‘s recruitment process.

“They didn’t really probe very much. Looking back, I did wonder if they should have really hired me knowing what little they did.”

This is the story of how Glen and the team developed a more  approach to the way talent was being screened and interviewed.

2pm, Friday 8th January 2021

“AND THE AWARD GOES TO…” How an Effective Awards Strategy Can Help Your Agency Reach Its Goals

An awards strategy? What’s one of those?

Turns out, it’s just as important as a social media or marketing strategy. Plus, it could actually be key in helping your agency achieve more than just a trophy.

We’re joined by awards expert Stef BrownIn this session we’ll talk all about deciding which awards match your agency’s goals, budgeting and investing in awards wisely, and using awards to win new business.

2pm, Monday 11th January 2021

What Is It Really Like to Be A Woman in Charge?

More men than women run agencies.

In this session we’ll be joined by female agency leaders to chat about their experiences of being a woman in charge – discussing the pros, cons and issues they’ve overcome in the process. Lisa Mandell, partner and board advisor at Waypoint Partners will moderate.

3pm, Wednesday 13th January 2021

SLOW BURN: How Can You Grow Your Agency at a Sustainable Rate?

Every agency wants to grow – but what’s the right speed at which to expand?

“Our business plan on day one was ‘don’t fuck it up’. And it hasn’t really changed from that,” says co-founder of Aira, Matt Beswick. “We’re bootstrapped – we’ve never taken investment,” he says. “We’ve never tried to over hire or go faster than we thought was right.

In this session, we’ll be talking to Matt and the other agency leaders on the call about the benefits of tempering your enthusiasm, the impact this has on staff and client retention, as well as setting sensible, thoughtful targets.

3pm, Thursday 14th January 2021

DREAM BIG: How Recruiting An Advisory Board Can Benefit Your Agency

Most agency leaders do everything themselves.

But when Trenton Moss ran Webcredible, he set about recruiting his dream advisory board. He says it was one of the BEST things he ever did.

“They were instrumental in helping us with our strategy on an ongoing basis, defining and achieving our objectives and ultimately with the sale of my agency” he explains.

In this session we’ll be talking to Trenton all about the benefits your dream advisory board can bring to your agency, approaching the right people for you, and how best to navigate the whole experience.

2pm, Friday 15th January 2021

Making Co-Founder Relationships Work

When you run a business with other people, the success of your agency is inextricably linked to the success of that relationship.

Do you spend as much time working on the “top team’s” relationship as you do working on your business?

In this session we’ll hear from a co-founder team who fell out and decided to sell… but then patched things up and decided to double down on the business.

11am, Monday 18th January 2021

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Adapting to Different Cultures Overseas

If you want your agency to branch out overseas, overcoming the language barrier is only the first step of a long climb. In this session, Creative Culture’s Mélanie Chevalier will join us to discuss the important things to bear in mind when internationalising your agency and adapting to a new culture.

11am, Tuesday 19th January 2021

How Can You Make Yourself Attractive to a Potential Buyer?

Despite years of success, Jules Ugo wondered what was next in line for her agency Lotus.

 “We decided it might make more sense to sell and become part of something bigger.”

In the end, Lotus’ invaluable expertise – and innovative data platform – led to them being acquired by W, which now owns 51%. Joining forces, they’ve now won several collaborative briefs together.

 “We’ve definitely seen there is a space in the market for combining deep sector insight with a punchier, more confident, big agency approach. It’s been a good formula for us,” she says.

We’ll be in discussion with Jules on the topic of how to make yourself attractive to a potential buyer, how to merge and manage that cultural shift, and how to differentiate yourself from the rest.

3pm, Tuesday 19th January 2021

Hidden Treasure: What is it Like Doing Business in Developing Countries?

“Sometimes we go to work sitting in the back of a pick-up truck next to a goat.”

Jasmine Montgomery’s agency Seven helps brands reach Africa, Asia and the Middle East – with “boots on the ground” in territories with very different cultural values.

We’ll be chatting about hidden opportunities in developing markets, how to win work fairly in the midst of corruption, and surviving and thriving away from the UK.

11am, Friday 22nd January 2021

YES, AND: How Improv Can Help Foster a More Creative Environment

If you’re struggling for new ways to boost morale, look no further.

We’ll be speaking to The Free Association’s Ryan Dench about the three stages of improv comedy and the benefit of improv on an agency’s outlook and creative processes – improving communication, embracing failure, and encouraging risk to feel more empowered.

12pm, Wednesday January 27th, 2021

How to Talk About Money

Why are creative people often so bad at talking about money?

In this session, we’ll talk all about the ‘icky-ness’ of money, the reasons why creatives find it so hard to sell themselves, and the right way to approach a sale.

12pm, Thursday January 28th, 2021

Agency M&A – State of the Nation

What’s happening on the M&A scene in agency land? Who’s buying and who’s selling?

We’re joined by M&A experts Waypoint Partners. Bring a question or just lurk and soak up the insights on what’s happening in the market.

12pm, Friday 29th January 2021

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