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Here’s what’s happening over the next few weeks at Agency Hackers. Some sessions are aimed at agency leaders, and others are more aimed at specific agency disciplines like client services or marketing and new business.

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People / HR

Office 2.0:
What’s the Future of the
Agency Workplace?

Post-Covid, a lot of agencies plan to go remote-first. Do you still need an office? And – if so – how will the ‘blended approach’ work? What are the problems it creates – and how can you mitigate them?

December 2nd 2020

Client services

Do You Need a Client “Code of Conduct”?

Does setting out clear “rules of engagement” really make a difference to your relationships with clients?

Teresa Allan of The Magnus Club has created the B2B Code of Conduct. In this session, we’ll cover the key points of the code of conduct, how to use it in your agency, and how it can improve your relationships.

Monday December 7th 2020

People / HR

Recruitment Excellence: What We’ve Learned About Hiring and Onboarding

We’ll be chatting to 383’s Glen Duncan all about how agencies can create a warm welcome for new candidates (even virtually), how to stop wasting time in interviews, and the patterns to look for when hiring someone new.

December 9th 2020


How Can You Convert ‘Chemistry
Meetings’ into Real Work?

In this session we’re joined by Lucy Young, managing partner at The Future Factory. We’ll discuss the best ways to prepare for chemistry meetings, how to ask the right questions, getting the balance right when selling yourself, and the simple steps to secure a ‘second date’.

Friday 11th December 2020

Agency leadership

Stepping Back: When’s the Right Time to Pass the Baton?

After 18 years of being managing director of Studio Output, Dan Moore realised it was time to move on. We’ll speak to Dan and new managing director Gemma Ballinger about about approaching a change in leadership, realising when it’s time to say goodbye, and broaching difficult conversations with business partners and employees.

Monday 14th December 2020

Agency leadership

 “I Sold My Agency… Despite Our WORST Year on Record”

Trenton Moss sold Webcredible – despite having a dreadful year. 

He takes you behind the scenes of this well-known agency exit. If you’re thinking of selling, this session may well give you the motivation and insight to say goodbye to your fears and set the wheels in motion.

December 16th 2020

Agency leadership

How Can You Increase Your Agency’s Momentum?

Kathryn Strachan, managing director of Copy House, believes that focusing on momentum is the key to a successful agency. 

In this session, we’ll be talking about the best ways for you to increase your agency’s momentum, and keep the ball rolling. 

Thursday 17th December 2020


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