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11am, Wednesday 31st March 2021

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KEEP ON MOVING: How to Keep Your Team Motivated

  • We’ve been working from home for 12 months now…
  • …but how can you keep your teams motivated after months of monotony? 
  • Confidence coach Kirsty Hulse is here to help you work out how best to keep you and your teams going

A year of working from home has exhausted everyone.

It’s no surprise that in times like these, we’re even more prone to stress, burnout and overwhelm.

“We need to take care of ourselves and each other – and we all deserve success without sacrifice,” explains Kirsty Hulse, confidence coach and founder of Roar Training.

So how do you keep your teams motivated, focused and engaged when you feel you’re running on empty?

Kirsty will be talking us through the following:

  • Practical tools to motivate yourself and others in your agency
  • The ways to prioritise yourself in your own life (against all the odds) and how to support others in doing the same
  • An understanding of basic human motivation
  • A framework to feel just that tiny bit brighter everyday.

If you’ve been struggling to keep going recently, or have noticed your teams flagging, this is the perfect session for you.