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12pm, Thursday 17th December 2020

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KEEP THE BALL ROLLING: How Can You Increase Your Agency’s Momentum?

  • Why you should focus on MOMENTUM in your agency
  • How can growing your network and your personal brand lead to a ‘domino effect’ in your agency?
  • Join Kathryn and other agency leaders to discuss how to prime the ‘pep’ in your business

2020 has sometimes felt like wading through treacle.

Coronavirus, lockdown and recession has caused the flow of leads to stop.

But Kathryn Strachan, managing director of Copy House, believes that focusing on momentum is the key to turning this around.

“Once you’ve got momentum, the rest falls into place,” she says. “Opportunities start to reveal themselves, and you not only naturally increase brand awareness, but also increase the amount of people who you want to work with, and who will pay more to work with you.”

How can you keep the ball rolling?

  • Firstly, despite the economic downturn, don’t think of scaling back. “Economic recessions are when you want to step UP your marketing efforts” says Kathryn. “Markets will be tougher, making your sales team’s job nearly impossible without good marketing,” she explains.


  • Being sure to keep networking, talking, and introducing people is also an important driving force. “I find it helpful to set a networking goal every month. Start small, then build until you find a magic number that unlocks enough opportunities,” she says.


  • “I also make sure to create reciprocity. Every time I meet someone, I ask them who would be a good introduction for THEM. They’re often happy to return the favour and introduce me to people in their network, and so the cycle continues.”

“I try to speak at one event a week, and we also organise our own events,” she says. “This gives me an easy opportunity to collaborate with prospects and people working in the same place.”

Kathryn believes building your personal brand is pivotal for a positive shift in momentum.

“While I’m certainly no Steve Jobs, we still get a lot of opportunities through my personal brand and network. As my personal brand grows, so do the opportunities at our agency,” she explains. “I’ve seen first-hand that the more you put yourself out there, the greater the returns.”

In this session, we’ll be talking about the best ways for you to increase your agency’s momentum, how to positively refocus your approach, and the simple yet effective ways to build your own personal brand

If your agency has been struggling to achieve the snowball effect, this is the session for you.