Membership vs PAYG

Membership vs PAYG

There are two ways to come to Agency Hackers event. You can buy a single ticket, or you can buy a membership.

What’s the difference?

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Single ticket Membership
Tickets cost £200–£350 Membership fixed at £150 per month
No commitment One ticket included each month. You can buy extras for £100
Access event recordings and member webinars
No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Personally, I think the membership option is better for most people.

The membership fee is already cheaper than the cost of a ticket – and you get a range of other benefits too.

To be honest I’ve tried to make membership a no-brainer, because a membership model makes Agency Hackers more predictable as a business and simpler to run. But I do still offer single tickets, because I recognise that membership might not be right for everybody – especially agencies a long way from London.