Membership Signup – Direct debit

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Hi, Ian here – Agency Hackers founder. Just a few final things before you sign up.

  1. Agency Hackers Membership costs £150 + VAT per month. You can pay using a card, or via direct debit. You will automatically receive a VAT invoice each month.
  2. You can cancel anytime. No commitments. Just let us know.
  3. It’s really cool! You will be part of a great community of agency leaders.

Here’s a quick reminder of what you get:

  1. You can come to all our events. We run one every month. You can pick anybody in your agency you like to attend.
  2. You get support from other agency leaders. You’ll be able to post to our members-only community.
  3. Your team are part of this too! In the members area you can create sub-accounts so you can let your team access stuff.
  4. You get access to monthly webinars and hangouts. Show these to your team, and encourage them to tune in and ask questions. A great way to keep them motivated and engaged.

If you still have questions, just email [email protected] or call 07834 535864.

Otherwise, let’s get you signed up…

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