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2pm, Friday 19th March 2021

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MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: How to Make Your Social Media Funny

  • Social media engagement is key to driving your business forward…

  • …but how funny, and therefore relatable, is your content?

  • We’ll be speaking to Adam Hunt, creative director of White Label Comedy about how to make jokes work online, and how to exercise your funny bones

Adam Hunt is on a mission to make social media funny.

“I saw so many brands struggling to say anything worth saying on social media.” says the creative director of White Label Comedy. “Even brands who were represented by big agencies just weren’t able to give their audience what they actually want.”

Along with his team of ‘funny brains’, many of whom are TV and comedy writers, Adam helps brands make their social media campaigns genuinely funny, and therefore far  more relatable to a brand’s audience.

“The really nice thing about comedy is that a joke is just two ideas or notions that shouldn’t fit together, but you’ve made them fit together with a clever twist. Bringing two worlds together with a joke is the perfect way to do it.”

But it’s very easy to get it wrong if you set out to be funny without a clear focus.

“The biggest mistake I see brands making is they’re just trying to be funny without bringing it back to their own identity,” says Adam. “If you’re trying to make jokes and be funny with no real frame of reference, you’re going to get massive backlash.”

An indicator you haven’t hit the right note is when you have a large audience, but very little engagement on your content.

“There’s a Venn diagram to achieve the perfect combination:

  1. What does the audience want to achieve? What are their goals? How do they want to be represented?
  2. What is the brand’s meaning and identity?

The sweet spot in the middle of these two is where your content is,” explains Adam.

 We’ll be talking to Adam about how to find this sweet spot to make your social media content genuinely funny – and in turn, more relatable to your audience. 

If you’re struggling to generate organic engagement or want to elevate your social media presence, this is the session for you.