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11am, Wednesday 8th September 2021

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BIG FISH: How We Landed Google in Three Months

  • How do you land a client as big and well-known as Google?
  • For Stefano Marrone, creative partner and founder of Nucco, it only took three months.
  • He’ll be telling us how he did it, and what the experience was like for an agency that isn’t even 10 years old.

Landing a big brand is no mean feat, especially when you do it in less than three months – but this was made possible by Stefano Marrone, creative partner and founder of Nucco, a digital-first content strategy agency.

“Instead of doing the classic cold-call approach, the interesting thing was in 2019 Google approached a VR specialist we were working with, a professor at Brown University, and asked for some consultancy on a specific project,” says Stefano. “He mentioned he collaborated with us on regular basis, and that we could help them solve their problem.”

At the time, Google was using five different companies to produce different elements of VR training of the highest level. They were looking for a solution to balance and streamline their service – a partner rather than a series of vendors.

However, before hiring Nucco, they gave them a very small budget for a test project.

“This was ridiculously low, because to show what we were capable of was far more expensive,” says Stefano.

Despite this they heavily invested in the test – after all, a client the size of Google is nothing to scoff at – and they were successful in late 2019.

Annoyingly, they couldn’t announce this collaboration for a long time. In fact, the whole process was quite long and drawn out.

“After the test, we were ready to start working immediately in the November, but we didn’t actually sign until March, which was unnerving. After the good news came this limbo until the final signature – and so many things can go wrong before then,” he says.

“We weren’t able to share anything about it for almost a year after, which was one of the most annoying things because the project was so cool.”

Landing such a huge client should have been exciting for Stefano and his team. While it was a huge coup (they’re now on their fifth collaborative project with Google) he admits the excitement doesn’t last too long as he’s always looking forward to the next step – and Google isn’t the agency’s only big fish.

“The moment of victory is so fleeting,” he says. “I think there’s a sense of now we’ve got that one, we need to get more. In hindsight, I’m sure you can look at your success and say that first big client was the first sign of the success that was going to come.”

“It’s more about needing to make this big business a constant reality. It’s almost like the second after you win a medal, you’re already thinking about the next Olympics.”

Come along and hear more about how Stefano landed such a huge name – and what it means for an agency’s future success.