King of the Hill

The Agency Niche Event

Friday 24 July 2020 / 1.30 to 5pm / British Library

? We’re still working on the line-up for this event. (C’mon – it’s not until July right?) We’ll have it ready soon.

Join us at Pipeline in July to hear what’s working when it comes to winning a steady flow of business.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Today, having a clear agency niche could be the difference between knocking on doors and fighting for scraps…

…or having work and candidates come to you.

If you ran an agency five years ago, it was enough to have a strong USP and a decent set of values.

Today, the world has moved on. You need to be recognised in your industry as the undisputed leader in your field.

At King of the Hill you will meet agencies that have defined and conquered their patches – and are reaping the rewards that come with it. 

“We suddenly started getting ‘yeses’ instead of ‘nos’.”

At Lyndon’s agency Future Present, PowerPoint design is all they do. He says this razor-sharp niche is an unfair advantage over the traditional agency model.

Lyndon Nicholson started a creative agency doing a little bit of everything. But he kept hitting walls.

Each time he wanted to work with a new client, they’d say: “Sorry, you aren’t on our preferred supplier list.”

Then one day he got a call from somebody at a big cosmetics company: “I need a PowerPoint presentation done urgently – can you help me?”

“We already pitched to you” replied Lyndon. “You said we weren’t on the preferred supplier list!”

“We don’t HAVE a preferred supplier list for presentations.”

That’s when the penny dropped. Lyndon realised there was a huge opportunity to get in via the back door with some huge companies if they specialised in something nobody else was doing.

Lyndon decided that his agency would JUST do PowerPoint – and suddenly life was good.

“We kept getting yeses whereas previously we were getting nos.”

“Now, people ring up and want to buy there and then, pretty much on the phone.

“They’ll say: ‘I’ve got a presentation in three weeks, and it currently looks awful. It’s one of the most important presentations of my professional career, and I really need your help!'”

“It completely changes the dynamic of how agencies typically sell.”

At King of the Hill we will be talking to Lyndon – and exploring the other winning niches that agencies in the room have found.

What’s the difference?

Where is it happening?

This event takes place at the British Library just by Kings Cross in London. We’re taking over its conference suite – it has a lovely theatre and five breakout rooms. You can hear from the speakers and then go and discuss what you’ve just heard with other agency leaders.

What’s the difference?