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12pm, Wednesday 27th January 2021

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YES, AND: How Improv Can Foster a More Creative Environment

  • Could improv give your team the flexibility to adapt to any situation?
  • How can you use improv techniques to become unflappable and robust?
  • Discover how techniques used by comedians can help your team ‘hold their own’ in uncertain and unpredictable situations

What do you do when things become stagnant?

Perhaps you’ve brought in a motivational speaker to boost morale or organised a team away day to improve working relationships.

However, when it comes to fostering creativity, improv could be the next foot forward for your employees.

The Free Association believes that in order to create ideas and innovation, we need to first create a ‘psychological safety’ within the workplace.

With their improv training programme, across three sessions they aim to improve communication and listening skills, as well as help employees to embrace failure, encouraging risk in order to feel more empowered in the workplace.

With their improv training programme, they work on communication and listening skills and help employees to embrace failure, in order to encourage risk and feel empowered in the workplace. All of this culminates to create a space for innovation and creativity to flourish.

We’ll be speaking to The Free Association’s directors Ryan Dench and Jonny Collis about:

• The three steps in creating an ‘Idea Friendly Environment’
• The positive benefits an improv mindset can have on a team
• How virtual workshops can help with remote working

If you’re looking for new ways to switch things up within your agency, this is the session for you.