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11am, Wednesday 24th February 2021

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IMMERSE YOURSELF: What Can Your Agency Gain from VR and Immersive Technology?

  • How can you use VR and immersive technology in your work? 
  • Are your clients missing an important channel?
  • Discover VR’s potential to wow and amaze

Should your business be doing more in VR?

“Because of the pandemic, everyone needs different ways of communicating their product, service or proposition. Immersive tech, or virtual visualisation, couldn’t be more relevant,” says Sol Rogers, CEO of REWIND – a leading VR agency.

As technology develops and advances, immersive technology is becoming more popular.

“Our big shtick for next year is about spatial experiences and using technology to bring the physical and digital world closer together,” says Sol. “VR is pretty impactful, and it is the Holy Grail. But really, it’s about creating frictionless engagement.”

Being able to marry those two worlds opens up a whole host of opportunities and means that in a world still muddling through a global pandemic, it could make a big difference to businesses and consumers alike.

“As we come out of the pandemic, there will be a pent-up want to spend and connect with audiences where they haven’t been able to, but also there’s an understanding that we can’t go back to what we had before,” explains Sol.

“You want a physical event for those that will come, but the reality is that even if we’re all vaccinated, our way of living has changed. How do you engage with those people who don’t want to move around the world so freely?”

To explain the scope of accessibility VR and immersive technology can offer, Sol uses the example of EDM festival, Tomorrowland.

“They digitised it this year in a pretty simple way and had five virtual stages running. They had a million digital attendees all spending between $20-40 each,” he explains. “To put that into perspective, a normal festival gets around 100-200,000 physical attendees.”

So, it sounds as though VR could be a good idea – but at the moment, it’s still a niche.

“What we’re really talking about is actually completely digitising and making a digital twin of whatever the product is. Once you have a fully 3D, explorable world, you can offer a whole host of deliverables,” explains Sol.

“Introducing this, you’ll suddenly be taking the barrier away from your product, your brand, your communication, and giving your audience access in a really engaging way. And maybe video is the answer for lots of it, but if you look at new audiences and the new generation, they don’t watch – they’re active.”

We’ll be discussing all things immersive technology with Sol, including how best to implement it and what opportunities it can open up for your agency.