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2pm, Monday 10th May 2021

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HOT POTATO: How Should We Navigate Vaccinations?

  • In this new format, we’ll be discussing big questions and debating controversial topics
  • We’re kicking off with the UK’s vaccination rollout, and the questions it poses for staff and employers alike
  • Do you have a stance on this? Come along and share your concerns

This is a new format for us to discuss controversial topics in the agency world.

What could possibly go wrong?

The hot potato on this month’s menu: coronavirus vaccinations.

As the rollout continues, the range of vaccines increases, and with more adults in the UK being vaccinated on a daily basis, there are several questions that have come up in recent AH sessions:

  • Have you run into issues with staff choosing not to be vaccinated? 
  • Should we be worried if others in the office have had the vaccine or not?
  • Health is a private matter – should we be even asking staff in the first place if they’re pro or anti-vax?

We’ll be chatting about all of this and more in what is certain to be a prickly debate. Come along to discuss whatever your stance.