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2pm, Thursday 15th July 2021

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HIVE MIND: “Is There a Better Way to Track Time?”

  • David Schulhof is wondering if time tracking is the best way to record and measure all the key data at Red Hot Penny
  • Have you steered clear of time tracking? Have you introduced a more efficient way to replace a legacy method?
  • What say you? Join us as we dissect a common question for agency leaders – and gather input from the Agency Hackers’ hive mind

Agencies need to keep tabs on everything.

But is time tracking still the best method for this?

Like many others, David Schulhof, Managing Director of Red Hot Penny uses time tracking to record key data, from utilization to team effectiveness and resource. But he’s wondering if there’s a better way to do this…

“It relies on the team to put the information in, and can be easily manipulated, gamified and wrong. It’s also a legacy way of measuring, and I’ve noticed some agencies have started to do away with it,” he says.

“Do we only do it because we feel we have to do it?”

As David says, time tracking is heavily reliable on staff input. That means there’s a lot of room for error – and Red Hot Penny has fallen foul to it themselves.

“A couple of months ago, we had an issue where a member of the team was manipulating the data on allocated hours, allocating hours incorrectly,” he says. “It was driving the wrong behaviours, and we’re trying to get that balance. It’s not a stick to hit you with, it’s just so we know what’s going on.”

So, is time tracking “a bit old-school now”? Are there new, better ways to be doing it? 

If you have the answers to these questions and have found a better method that works well for you, come along and share them with David and the rest of the Agency Hackers gang.