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2pm, Thursday 24th June 2021

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HIVE MIND: How Can I Cure My Agency’s ‘One Big Client’ Syndrome?

  • Vicki Young is no stranger to landing big clients
  • But when it comes to securing more than one at a time, this is where she seems to struggle. How can she solve her ‘one big client’ problem?
  • Join us as we dissect a common problem for agency leaders – and gather input from the Agency Hackers hive mind

Making that big catch is a momentous occasion.

But what can you do to solve the problem of only landing one at a time?

This is a problem that Vicki Young, CEO and founder of Nalla, has been grappling with over the last couple of years.

“We’ll win a big piece of work but then really struggle to get the next big client in the door. We’ve just not been able to have two big clients at the same time,” she explains.

Vicki’s frustration when it comes to securing only one big client at a time is mainly due to it hindering her agency’s growth.

“There are rulings in agency land – don’t have too many eggs in one basket, and don’t have a client bigger than 20% of your revenue,” she says. “But actually, the reality is that most agencies don’t run like that. Some still have one super client that’s taking up loads of revenue, which is fantastic, but also a massive risk. How can I have more than one big client to keep the risk low but the value high?”

“There seems to be a trick to convincing people to hire you when the small team you’re presenting to them is already doing work on other projects. How do you do that without them sensing that you’re stretched, and that you’ll require a hiring drive to deliver?”

In this month’s Hive Mind session, come along with your stories and share what’s worked best for you when it comes to spinning several big plates at once – you might be able to take away some tips yourself.