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2pm, Thursday 19th August 2021

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HIVE MIND: “How Can I Set Fair KPIs for Creatives?”

  • Setting and managing KPIs are a great way to keep your team on task and strive for success.
  • But how can you set them for designers and developers, when it’s much harder to control their processes?
  • What say you? Join us as we dissect a common question for agency leaders – and gather input from the Agency Hackers’ hive mind.

KPIs are a great way to motivate your team and keep them on task. 

But when it comes to setting them specifically for your creative employees, how can you measure them fairly?

This is the dilemma posed by Helen Abbott, Head of Operations at Strafe Creative.

“I’ve tried multiple different approaches, and we’re trying to find something fair because we reward staff with a bonus each month,” she says. “It’s getting to grips with how we can have something measurable in place.”

So, what have they tried and tested so far?

  • Concept delivery time. “We found that putting on time pressure can compromise quality,” says Helen. “One developer might turn around work really quickly but there are more amends to make, whereas others may take their time, do everything properly, with very little to check. This hasn’t worked because of the different approaches the team has.”
  • Design sign-off. Another method was looking at if a client has signed off on V1 or V2, as opposed to V4 or V5 – but this is hard to control. “Certain clients are really easy-going, others are more picky,” says Helen. “They might find things to change – which haven’t necessarily been part of the original brief – so this process isn’t fool proof. It’s unfair to judge them on things out of their control.”
  • Key competencies. Measuring how employees stack up to values could be another alternative they’ve yet to try. “How good is their communication this month? How good is their timekeeping? How good is their teamwork? These are more tangible things to rate against, and they would be uniform across the business and apply to everyone.”

So far, none of these methods have been 100% successful. But do you have a tried and tested method? Could you help Helen solve this problem?

Come along and share with the Agency Hackers gang, and help her work out her KPI conundrum.