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10am, Tuesday 28th September 2021

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HIVE MIND: “How Can You Prepare for Losing a Big Client?”

  • Realistically, we’re all going to lose a big client or two – but how do you prepare for that possibility?
  • When Immediate Future lost a big account worth almost 65% of its overall business, Katy Howell realised she didn’t have a sensible plan in place to deal with it.
  • What say you? Come along and share your experiences with Katy and the rest of the Agency Hackers gang.

Realistically, we’re all going to lose a big client or two.

But how do you prepare for that hit?

“We started Immediate Future in 2004, and within a couple of years I’d won the account to do all the social media for a big name,” says Katy Howell, the agency’s CEO. “We continued that work for six years, but then they took their European HQ global, and we were let go. It was a bloodbath.”

This account was almost 65% of business, with Katy’s team of 24 being decimated overnight to just 6.

Thankfully, Immediate Future recovered, but not until Katy had made a lot of cuts to business and staff and burnt herself out trying to keep everything afloat.

“I’m now back in play, but when you’re in the eye of that storm, when you’re in the middle of the maelstrom, it’s very difficult to create a sensible plan. You end up knee jerking your way around it,” she says.

“You want to pre-empt as much as you can but losing a big client may mean a third of your resource disappears, which isn’t ideal.”

So, what is the best way to prepare for losing a big client? 

How can you focus on recovering your business, and what emotional support do you need to get you through? 

And, in Katy’s words, ‘what the fuck do you do in that situation?’

Join us along with the rest of the Agency Hackers gang to share your experiences and help Katy plan for any future chaos.