Happy Clients

Deepen and strengthen your client relationships

Friday 21 February 2020 / 1pm to 5pm / Shoreditch

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Join Happy Clients and meet people improving how their agency works with clients

Question: it’s 5pm one Friday when your phone rings. Which client do you NOT want it to be?

Most agencies can answer this in a heartbeat.

Almost every agency has problem clients. But one or two bad clients can make you hate coming to work.

Join us at Happy Clients to discuss what real agencies are doing to build stronger, better relationships with their clients.

Here’s some of the people you will hear from. Line-up subject to change.

1. How to master client relationships

Yoyo Design’s Matina Zoulia will be at Happy Clients to share her thoughts on building a strong relationship with clients.

Matina Zoulia is Head of Client Partnerships at Yoyo Design. She’s worked both sides of the fence – first as a client and now agency-side.

Matina will be talking about the do’s and don’ts of building a rewarding client / agency relationship – from winning the work to the realities of the day to day delivery and strengthening your relationships with clients.

  • Turning unequal relationships – where you’re a “supplier” – into strategic partnerships
  • Growing one-off projects into multi-year relationships
  • Land and expand: growing your client network from one contact in one department to over 50 contacts across multiple departments.

2. Find out what 500 clients love (and hate) about agencies

Jonathan Kirk’s Up to the Light has interviewed 525 clients to see how agencies can work with them better.

Jonathan Kirk knows what clients want.

That’s because his agency Up to the Light has interviewed 525 clients about what they like… and don’t like about agencies.

He’s put hundreds of insights into a report – What Clients Think – which he will present at Happy Clients.

It’s not just bugbears. He will also talk about how clients find agencies – and what they think about pitching, pricing and growing accounts.

For example:

  • Clients never look at your website. (“92% of clients hadn’t visited their incumbent agency’s website in the last few months.”)
  • “Asking around” is how clients mostly discover new agencies.
  • It really bugs them when costs for small items are disproportionately high.

There are LOADS of insights in this study. At Happy Clients, Jonathan will present a fascinating account from the client viewpoint – and give you important pointers for how your agency can strengthen its clients relationships and sharpen its approach to client services.

3. How to have difficult conversations with clients

Roar!’s Kirsty Hulse will give you a framework to consistently and calmly resolve clients with clients.

Kirsty Hulse is joining us at Happy Clients to explain how to have difficult conversations with clients.

“Conflict ALWAYS comes up in agencies” says Kirsty.

“You miss deadlines. You don’t meet expectations, or you don’t set them. What you need is a framework to CONSISTENTLY resolve conflict.”

“If you can breezily resolve client issues without losing the client, that’s how agencies can really start to scale.”

Kirsty ran a 50 headcount agency. Now with her business Roar! she helps agency people develop the robust confidence they need to do their jobs.

“I’ve always found it bonkers that we expect people within agencies to intuit through having difficult conversations with clients. It makes no sense! There are ways to have difficult conversions with people without damaging the relationship.”

This will be a great session that should change how you work with clients.

4. How to get closer to your clients

Freestyle’s Kay Edwin will talk you through their approach to categorising clients so they can get build closer relationships with them.

Kay Edwin is client services director at Freestyle.

Freestyle might just have the world’s best agency USP: it’s “the digital agency for non-sexy businesses”.

At Happy Clients, Kay will be talking about how they get closer to their clients.

“It’s important that we understand our clients’ needs and motivations – not just what they need from us but what THEY want from their role” says Kay.

  • Kay’s team feed persona mapping and emotional behaviour tracking into their account plans – allowing them to categorise their clients.
  • “Are they fame clients – who want to win awards and be famous in their industry? Or are they bully clients – who will shout at you on the phone and tell you how to do your job better but in the end appreciate our loyalty and are happy to pay the bill at the end?”
  • “We have all sorts of emotional triggers that we can map out. Are we their closest friend? What are their pet peeves? What makes their day?”

At Happy Clients, Kay will talk you through Freestyle’s unique approach to nurturing clients and how this can help you understand the person behind the ‘the client’.

5. What do clients really want?

Sport England’s Kate Dale will explain how you can make your agency more ‘client friendly’.

What do clients really want? Let’s ask some clients!

We’re fortunate to be joined by Sport England’s Kate Dale (responsible for the This Girl Can campaign).

We’ll be hearing Kate’s opinions on what agencies do right – and get wrong.

  • What annoys you as a client?
  • What are some red flags that an agency won’t cut it?
  • What do you like as a client – and you wish everybody did?
  • What’s the best way to approach you and get on your radar? Ask Kate any question you want, and step inside the mind of a client.

Where is it happening?

This event takes place in the Loading Bay at Techspace Shoreditch. It’s comfy, central – and there’s space for small breakouts.

What’s the difference?