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11am, Thursday 27th May 2021

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AROUND THE WORLD: How I Took My Agency Global

  • Sam Booth always knew he wanted to have a global agency
  • And now, the CEO of Just After Midnight has offices in the UK, Singapore, Australia and Thailand, with plans for a US venture too
  • He’ll be sharing what went right – and wrong – and what to bear in mind if you’re thinking of making the leap overseas yourself

“As an agency, having a global business is a sexier proposition,” explains Sam Booth, CEO of Just After Midnight.

With offices in the UK, Singapore and Australia – and with plans to expand in the US – Sam’s agency is definitely the international kind. 

As a niche 24-hour support provider for digital platform and app creators, it makes sense to be working across multiple time zones.

“The whole idea behind Just After Midnight is to stop people having to rely on developers with phones by the bedside,” says Sam.

Having previously lived in Singapore, Sam already had a good idea of how to get things started overseas – but that doesn’t mean he was immune to making mistakes.

“Obviously, there are complications. It’s very difficult the less of an understanding you have of the market you want to enter, and there are lots of barriers to entry. It’s also about confidence and feeling comfortable,” he says. “A lot of that comes from having spent time in that market.”

“Having previously lived in Singapore, I understood how the market operated, how people sold to one another, what the business environment was like, and what was important to people,” he says. “But it’s important you speak to people who have done this before. I did suffer from bad finance and accounting advisors because I was simply Googling who was best, but really, I should have been asking the people who have done this before for their own recommendations.”

Despite having locations all over the globe, Sam maintains that once new branches are in place, the business works like a well-oiled machine.

“It’s super easy to work like this now, because of how the world works. With things like Slack, Zoom and Teams, it’s simple,” he says. “And because of time zones, teams join each other’s meetings. There’s a constant crossover, so you can easily pass the company culture from office to office.”

Hear Sam’s story as he tells us all about his ventures across the globe with Just After Midnight, and the advice he’d give to anyone wanting to expand their agency’s horizons.