The agency purpose summit

Online and in-person at the Ministry of Sound
Online: 1st-3rd November 2022
Live: 4th November 2022

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The World’s First Agency Purpose Conference

Archimedes said: “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world”.

When you run an agency, that lever is your business.

Good Agencies is a special event for agencies interested in using their business to positively influence the world.

Join thoughtful conversations covering sustainability, diversity and inclusion, agency purpose, pro-bono work, the B-Corp process and more.

Meet other agencies balancing
purpose with profit

Some of the talks you’ll hear and the discussions you’ll take part in

What Does the Future of Working Look Like?

Flexible working is here to stay, but how can you ensure a happy team and retain maximum productivity?

Crafting a Sustainability Strategy You Can Measure

Is your green pledge too ‘finger in the air’? How to craft a watertight plan.

Purpose is the New Talent Retention Tool

Most people want to add something positive to the world, your team included.

How to Shape and Embed Your Agency’s Values

What’s the best way to bring your agency’s core values to life with your people?

How To Do Good and Still Get Paid

Ethics can be an expensive game, so how can you ensure a pay cheque at the end?

“We Don’t Get Enough Diverse Candidates”

Agencies say they are still struggling to interview diverse candidates. What’s the answer?

Spare Us! Doing “Purpose” Without the Preaching

Businesses often worry they’ll seem ‘virtue-signally’. Share your fears and solutions with other agency leaders.

Where Do You Draw the Line?

Which clients are “no-go” for you – and how do you decide who’s in and who’s out?

Join us live in London, or online from anywhere

Good Agencies takes place at the Ministry of Sound. Join 300 other agency leaders who are wrestling with running a purposeful business.

We are taking over the entire venue, where you can spend time in various breakout rooms. Some of the time you will be hearing from guests with interesting stories that you can learn from, and you will also spend some time in small groups discussing your journey with like-minded agency leaders.

Good Agencies is a special event for agencies interested in using their business to positively influence the world.

3 days online… 1 huge day live

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Live in Person

Full day conference at the Ministry of Sound

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