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2pm, Thursday 10th June 2021

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RISING UP: From Launch to £4m in Less Than Two Years

  • How do you go from starting out to £4m in just 18 months?
  • That’s the question we’re asking Carrie Rose, CEO of Rise at Seven
  • We’ll be discussing how her social media-led take on the agency world has catapulted her agency to success in such a short space of time

Even before launching her business, Carrie Rose knew the importance of having a personal brand when you’re an agency leader.

“We spent a long time building up a personal brand and our social following, so when we launched the agency, all we had to do was tweet,” says the CEO and co-founder of super-savvy SEO agency, Rise at Seven.

This single tweet heralding the arrival of Rise at Seven prompted thousands of website views, 30 new business leads and over 100 prospective job applications – no wonder they’ve grown from zero to £4m in just 18 months.

“I thought to myself, ‘no one has made SEO sexy’. Trying to get cool people to apply for a job in SEO was hard. That was my challenge,” says Carrie.

Part of that challenge is striking partnerships with the right clients – but Rise at Seven don’t do things conventionally.

“We don’t have a sales team, we don’t do outbound, and I will never drop into the DMs of a dream brand,” says Carrie. “What we do instead is put out bait for them to come to us.”

For instance, rather than get in touch with IKEA, a bucket-list client, instead Carrie pulled together a spoof advert for a Bernie Sanders-inspired chair

The post quickly went viral and amassed thousands of likes and shares before Carrie came clean it wasn’t real – but it worked. 

Soon after, IKEA’s marketing manager got in touch to work with them.

“I use these strategies constantly to attract clients and staff. And we always share exactly what we do and how we do it. They say a rocket scientist could give you a blueprint, but you’re never going to build a rocket like them – that’s ultimately our process,” says Carrie.

Although they’ve only been operating for two years, Rise at Seven’s savvy social media approach has catapulted them to heights other agencies can only dream of.

Join this session to hear more about Carrie’s fresh take on lead generation in the agency world, and how her agency has become such a roaring success on the SEO scene.