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2pm, Wednesday 21st April 2021

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STOP, DELEGATE AND LISTEN: Why You Should Step Away from Founder-Led Selling

  • Many founders find it hard to let go and trust others with big client conversations
  • However, moving away from this and building a strong team around you is much more effective
  • Lisa Mandell of Jolt will be explaining the positive effects moving away from founder-based selling can have on your agency, and how you can strengthen your team

Does the founder or top team do all the selling in your business?

Many agencies are still reliant on their founder’s ‘little black book’ to make sales but relying on this personal network isn’t a predictable way to grow a business – and it creates problems if you ever want to sell.

Lisa Mandell of Jolt helps businesses transition AWAY from founder-led selling.

“It’s a mistake to have a lot of value tied up in one person, especially when they’re the founder,” she explains. “You need the repeatability and predictability of a robust sales process.

“You need to have a team behind you to build an engine, and make sure there’s a clear end-to-end process in place. Focus on account development, how you land and expand, and how you can incentivise and empower your team.”

We’ll be chatting to Lisa in more detail about the positive effect of moving away from founder-led selling can have on your agency, and how you can strengthen and add value to your team by doing so.