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11:30am, Monday 22nd February 2021

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How Can A Podcast Add Value to Your Agency?

  • It’s easy to start a podcast, but how do you actively engage your audience?
  • Are you jumping on the bandwagon or will a podcast genuinely benefit your agency’s progress and standing?
  • We’re in discussion with Kelly Molson of Rubber Cheese and John Griffin of Pack to talk about the ways in which you can evolve your podcast and use it as a tool to drive leads, build rapport and make a name for yourself in your sector

Starting a podcast sounds simple, right? Buy some fancy equipment, write a loose script – and don’t forget the merch!

But when it comes to creating a podcast that’s insightful and genuinely useful for your audience, that’s a whole other ball game.

Kelly Molson, co-founder of Rubber Cheese, has been recording the Skip the Queue podcast since July 2019. Each episode revolves around an in-depth interview with someone within the visitor attraction sector.

“It’s helped us raise our profile within the sector, and it’s now starting to drive leads and inquiries,” she explains. “You’re kind of famous on a macro level, and it lays the foundation with more people so they feel they can come on and talk to you.”

At the start of the first lockdown, Pack launched their agency podcast, Pack Unleashed. But rather than jumping on the bandwagon, co-founder John Griffin says starting a podcast wasn’t their original intention.

“It came about by accident,” he admits. “We didn’t want to start pitching and selling to people when we were first locked down, so we started a LinkedIn video series which ultimately kickstarted the podcast. We rolled from there by the seat of our pants and made it up somehow.”

An important thing that Kelly and John have in common is they have their feet on the ground – neither podcast was set up to meet stratospheric aims. If anything, moving away from a focus on listener and download numbers has helped them grow and thrive more organically.

“We’re not number one on iTunes, and we’re not looking to be,” says Kelly. “We’re just creating something people can engage in. It helps people, they learn from it, and hopefully it entertains them too.”

“It’s quality over quantity,” adds John. “I’d rather there are 10 people listening who are super-engaged than big numbers of people who aren’t. The podcast is a good way for us to tap into different networks in different markets, and you’re able to build this invisible rapport with people.”

We’ll be speaking to Kelly and John all about thriving in the agency podcast world, how creating a podcast as a natural extension of their work has helped their agency to grow and evolve, and what you should be considering if you want to start podcasting yourself.

Rather than jumping on the podcast bandwagon, creating something engaging as a natural extension of your agency brand seems to be the way forward. If you’re thinking of setting up a podcast just for the sake of it – you probably won’t get very far.