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11am, Wednesday 17th March 2021

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COVER YOUR BASES: Everything You Didn’t Know About Insurance


  • When you think of insurance, you think of the usual boring stuff…
  • …but are you covered for every eventuality?
  • Sam Newman from Hiscox will be sharing several true stories about how insurance has been the saving grace in some very strange situations

When you think of insurance for your agency, you tend to think of the same standard stuff: what if the office burns down or an employee sues you? Very sensible.

But what would you do if a MONKEY stole your camera? Or if you shot an important advert of a famous popstar wearing the WRONG jumper?

While these sound like storylines from an American sitcom, they are actually just two examples of when things have genuinely (and bizarrely) gone wrong – and the saving grace was having the right insurer.

“Having the right insurer on board can save your reputation and even your business relationship with your client,” explains Sam Newman, Head of Broker & Partnerships Marketing at Hiscox.

“Good insurance is what you need when it all goes horribly and unexpectedly wrong. It’s not just about policy wordings and technical terms. Not all insurers are the same – you need one who understands exactly what it is you do and has the experience and know-how to fix things before your client is even aware something has gone wrong.”

Sam will be sharing several crazy yet genuine insurance stories from the media world to help us learn from other agencies’ mistakes and will be joined by Maia Olesen from Verlingue, who will be on hand to answer your more technical questions – be sure to tune in to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.