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2pm, Tuesday 15th June 2021

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LEARNING CURVE: Everything Had to Change for My Agency to Grow

  • When you’re struggling to make that next leap on the growth ladder, what can you do?
  • Aaron Rudman-Hawkins realised he had to change everything in his agency if they were to progress any further
  • Hear what changes he made to his agency and the positive impact its already had in a short space of time

As an agency, you’re always striving to grow, grow and grow some more.

But when things become stagnant, how do you freshen the place up?

For Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, it meant a complete overhaul.

“We realised if we were to grow beyond £750k and become a seven-figure business in the next year or two, everything needed to change,” explains the CEO of The Evergreen Agency.

Although businesses are always needing to move with the times, ‘everything’ was no exaggeration for Aaron. Whether it was their processes and systems, how they communicate, their team structure, or how and where they work, it was all under scrutiny.

Roles were adapted and changed, with more senior management hired, and they also bought the adjacent office space to make room for a team that is only set to keep expanding.

“It’s all about having the right people who are adaptable and willing to role with the punches,” says Aaron. “And realising that we had to change drastically to grow has been one hell of a learning curve. I’ve never known anything like it.”

Despite it being all change behind the scenes, the agency has had its most successful and productive quarter in its history – including winning some of its biggest ever contracts. 

It seems this learning curve has paid off so far.

“We’re still very much figuring things out, but we’ve already come a long way,” says Aaron. “The difference is like night and day.”

Come along to hear Aaron share the importance of change on his agency’s prospects, and how some drastic decisions helped boost his agency further up the growth charts.