Weds 21 Jun 2023 16:00 GMT

Having started out as a freelancer for NCompass, Samantha Stormo knew that the manual processes in the agency desperately needed improvement.
When she was offered an in-house role, she seized the opportunity to transform the internal processes for the good of both agency members and clients.
Hear from Samantha on how Scoro was the last in a long line of project management systems to really make a difference.

While freelancing for NCompass, Samantha Stormo could see that the manual processes in the agency desperately needed improvement.

When she was asked to come in-house for recruiting, she seized the opportunity to focus on operations to improve how things got done.

“We were getting in our own way by being so manual and using various written processes. Marketers were doing admin that should have been left to an accounting department, and it took away from what our first focus should be: client delivery.”

For example, something as simple as getting a client payment required  Samantha to retype information from the payment request form into their accounting software manually, before checking for any inconsistencies herself. 

To fix this issue, as well as streamline processes for time tracking, client communications, and internal reporting, Samantha started shoring up cumbersome processes that were redundant – or simply unnecessary.

Despite trying multiple project management systems, including a custom-built no-code system, Samantha couldn’t find one that suited their workflow. At the beginning of the pandemic, when the agency pivoted to focus on virtual and online events, Samantha started a trial with Scoro that would turn it all around.

After a year of finetuning and implementing Scoro, Samantha has discovered a wealth of benefits for the entire agency.

“Instead of imagining what profitability looks like, we can actually make adjustments on the fly. Now is when it gets really exciting because we can use the insights and data from Scoro to start to make some more informed choices and play around with things,” she explains.

Already, Samantha has been able to identify which services are most profitable and adjusted rate cards accordingly, as well as empowered team members to take back control of their time through time tracking.

Hear more from Samantha on how Scoro has helped NCompass improve operations for the benefit of the agency as a whole.

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