Thurs 23 Mar 2023 2:00pm UK time

• How can you build up a good cash reserve and maintain it?
Are there budgeting tactics you haven’t considered?
• In this month’s CFO surgery, we’re talking about how you can ensure a consistent cash flow for your agency, and why it’s imperative in a recession.

“Cash is a huge problem for us as we’re currently rebuilding the business – how can we stop ourselves from falling into a cash trough?” one agency leader recently asked.

“Investing is a great idea – but we don’t want to go bankrupt.”

A consistent cash flow is vital for any agency facing a recession. But if you’ve got a large team, your own office, or you’re looking to grow, your overheads could be much bigger than you can afford. 

So how can you build up a good cash reserve and maintain it?

We’re talking about this in our monthly finance mastermind:

  • Why is cash so important when facing a recession?
  • What simple things can you do to cut back on spending?
  • Are there other ways of growing your cash flow that you haven’t considered?
  • What cutthroat tactics should you be adopting to cover your agency’s back?

Come along to share how your agency is tackling this problem and hear from others who have been there and done it.