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3pm, Monday 20th September 2021

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EOS 4: Issues

Every agency has issues, but when it comes to EOS, there’s a way these can be approached in a more methodical, reactive manner – we’ll be covering this in the fourth of our EOS webinar series.

As usual, we’ll be joined by Julia Langkraehr, certified EOS implementer and CEO of Bold Clarity.

“Issues can be both positive AND negative,” she explains. “It can be hopes and dreams, it can be something you can leverage, or something you need to solve and fix. It’s all about prioritisation, working as a team and identifying the root cause of an issue.”

And when it comes to discussing and solving a problem, it’s important to look forward rather than dwelling on the past.

“We talk about issues and discuss solutions only – and then go on to solve them,” says Julia. “Sometimes, we push things aside that we don’t want to make an immediate decision on today, so this focus helps to get to know and deal with issues we need to then and there.”