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3pm, Friday 9th July 2021

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EOS 3: Data

It’s time for another session on EOS, and this time we’re talking numbers.

“The Data component is all about running the business on real numbers,” explains Julia Langkraehr, Certified EOS Implementer and CEO of Bold Clarity.

“It’s not a story, not somebody’s personality, not subjectivity – we don’t want to run a business on opinions.”

What we SHOULD be focusing on is transparency, and that comes down to what’s happening with your numbers – after all, they don’t lie.

This specific EOS component has a focus on scorecards and measurables.

“Usually you either have too much data and track all of it, or the data is just simply not good enough,” says Julia. “We want to pick a few important numbers, set a goal each week, and then refer to the EOS Accountability Chart – who is responsible for achieving those numbers?”

Julia will be talking us through how to implement this particular component to make sure your numbers are what really do the talking.