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11am, Friday 7th May 2021

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EOS 2: People

In our second session with Julia Langkraehr, certified EOS implementer and CEO of Bold Clarity, it’s all about people.

People make an agency what it is – but how do you know you’ve got the right people in the right seats, and at the right time? Julia says that structure is a key factor.

“We want to structure first. A lot of people structure their agency around the people they have, but then they can’t scale above that ceiling,” she explains.

Implementing the people component of EOS is two-fold: “You match people with your company’s own core values, but you also implement an accountability chart. It’s easy to have the right person in the wrong seat, and vice versa.”

This helps to work out where you might be going wrong, or what is stopping things from running smoothly – but sometimes it’s not so simple. 

You may have the right person in the wrong seat, but perhaps more difficult, you may have the wrong person in the right seat – it all boils down to whether they match and respond to your agency’s core values.

“Sometimes a person is delivering their sales number, but they’re annoying everyone around them, they’re hard to work with, or they’re a bit of a prima donna,” she says. “But even if they’re performing, if they don’t match your company’s core values, you need to do the right thing for the greater good.”

Julia will be exploring how implementing EOS can help your entire team in the long run, as opposed to focusing on one single person or ego to your agency’s detriment.