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11am, Friday 9th April 2021

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DAMAGE LIMITATIONS: How to Make Sure Your Agency is Prepared for the Worst

  • The last year has demonstrated that any and every business can be hit by crises…
  • …but how you communicate when you’re going through them is vital if you want to keep your reputation.
  • Ann Wright, director of Rough House Media, will be telling us how to be ready for ANYTHING that might come our way

It’s a simple fact of life that things can and will go wrong.

But when a crisis DOES happen, is your agency ready for it?

Ann Wright, director of Rough House Media, helps businesses with crisis management, making sure they’re prepared for ANYTHING. 

“The last year has shown that a crisis can happen to every company, and how you communicate is crucial,” she explains. “Otherwise, you can lose trust, your customers and your credibility.”

“If your reputation within your sector is damaged, that can be the end of your business. It doesn’t have to be splashed on the front of the Daily Mail for that to happen.”

Whether it’s a flood, a data breach or an in-house bullying complaint, you need to be ready to activate damage limitation.

“A lot of it is really simple stuff. You need to know when and how to respond, for example, who to talk to – and what to say. What should your key messages be?” Ann says. “It’s making sure you have a good reputation in the first place, and then how you manage your communications when the proverbial hits the fan.”

We’ll be talking to Ann about how you can be prepared for anything, and how to keep your reputation intact no matter what happens next.