Let your aspiring leaders set the direction of our industry

Join our Leadership Councils and take part in setting the direction of our industry
  • “How do we make our agency fair and inclusive?”
  • “What challenges does a diverse workplace present – and how can you overcome them?”
  • “How do you actually measure and report on sustainability?”

These are some of the challenges roiling the waters in 2022. Agency Hackers Leadership Councils let your agency’s aspiring leaders help shape the future of our industry themselves – with help from specially invited industry figures.

Build your agency’s leadership capability, improve your agency’s shape and invest in your team all at the same time.

ℹ️ Leadership Council places are available to Agency Hackers members with face-to-face membership.

Recognise your key people and let them help shape the industry

You can nominate one person from your agency to serve on each Leadership Council. We suggest you pick the person who would most appreciate the opportunity to develop and shape the industry’s response to key themes.

Diversity & Inclusion

What should agencies be doing to move the diversity dial? Which actions are just empty virtue signalling – and what does long-term, meaningful change actually look like? Help tackle this important topic.

People & Culture

Play a leading role in solving the people challenges that agencies face. Attraction, retention, engagement, motivation, and more.


How can agencies measure, understand and reduce their environmental impact? What makes a difference – and what is just hot air? Take a lead in shaping the industry’s response to the climate emergency.

Marketing & New Business

Shape the future of agency marketing. Help explore and define new business best practice when it comes to pitching, nurturing, hunting and farming.

Serve on a Leadership Council

Be involved and make a difference

Agency Hackers Leadership Councils exist to help shape the conversation around the industry’s most important topics. Each Leadership Council produces an annual report that every member contributes to – helping shape best practise. The reports feature It’s a great way to grow your profile If you are a member already, click to book. You can attend as many as you like.

Exclusive time with industry experts

You will get time with handpicked figures who we invite in to talk to you about what they know. Quiz them, challenge them, and use what they know to shape the way forward.

Recognised professional development for aspiring leaders

Being part of a Leadership Council is a great way of investing in your team’s development. Participation is accredited by the professional standards body CPD Standards.