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12pm, Monday 7th December 2020

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Do You Need a Client ‘Code of Conduct’?

  • Can following this “B2B Code of Conduct” really improve your client relationships?
  • It’s a free document you can use to agree ground rules with your clients
  • Join and find out whether it could make your life easier

When Teresa Allan of The Magnus Club ran a roundtable of agency leaders last year, EVERYBODY kept talking about their tortured relationships with clients.

So Teresa started to wonder: “Could we as an industry work WITH clients on HOW we can work better together?”

She launched the B2B Code of Conduct – a free document that agencies and clients can use to agree ‘terms of engagement’. It lists recommended behaviours around pitching, onboarding, and communication.

It makes sure that both sides knows what’s expected.

“It’s by everybody, for everybody – and it takes everybody’s point of view into account,” says Teresa.

“If we work better together, we will do better work, have more fun doing it, achieve better results, and accelerate the industry as a whole.”

The B2B Code of Conduct helps you measure your existing relationships, too.

“You can use it to get off on the right foot with a new client” says Teresa. “But it acts as an ongoing reminder when things are going slightly awry with existing clients.”

Join this session with Teresa, where we’ll cover the key points of the code of conduct, how to use it in your agency, how it can positively affect working relationships, and how it can help to accelerate your agency and the industry as a whole.