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11am, Friday 11th December 2020

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FIRST DATES: How Can You Convert Chemistry Meetings into ACTUAL Work?

  • Share your experiences with other agencies
  • Get a ‘second date’ by making plans there and then
  • Learn how to navigate and convert chemistry meetings

No one can relax on a first date.

Chemistry meetings are the same: jangling nerves, stilted conversation and forced smiles can make it hard to sell yourself to the unfamiliar people across the table.

“If you think of it like a first date, communication is something to bear in mind. People need to make sure they’re actually listening and asking questions,” says Lucy Young, managing partner at The Future Factory.

Going in with a highly researched, clear-set agenda will give your meeting structure.

“Setting an agenda is quite important, and that can give you permission to actually set the table,” Lucy says.

“One of the most common approaches to a meeting like this is would be to just get your creds out straightaway and lean on that as a way of giving [the client] an idea of who you are, but it’s not a very tailored approach.”

Asking the right questions could also make a difference to work out the client’s priorities.

“This is a common mistake,” Lucy says. “People will try and navigate certain challenges but they might not be important to the client. You need to actually work out what it is a priority for them.”

A lot of agencies go in all guns blazing, telling a client every possible thing they can do for them – but overpromising and underdelivering is never a good look.

Therefore in order to build trust, Lucy says it’s important to be upfront and honest about your capabilities.

“A really powerful thing is actually to use disarming honesty sometimes and actually act in their interest,” she explains. “It shows that you’re not trying to take them for a ride.”

All of this is not enough without a strong finish. Lucy’s advice? Set a next date in the diary.

“A lot of agencies will be like, ‘Cool, we’ll get in touch, let’s chat soon,’ and that’s the moment when the lead might drop,” she says. Making this move is bold, makes your intentions known, and gets your foot in the door.

In our session with Lucy, we’ll discuss the best ways to prepare for these meetings, asking the right questions, getting the balance right when selling yourself, and the simple steps to secure a ‘second date’.

If you want to avoid being ghosted, this session will give you the tips and tricks necessary to build a strong relationship from the very beginning.