​​​​Calendar invites

Opt in (or opt out!) of Agency Hackers calendar invitations

How these work

  • These calendar invitations might take a while to come through at first, because they are sent out by a little robot that only works on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • That sounds silly, but batching them up prevents you from constantly being interrupted by calendar invitations. (Ping!)
  • The first time it includes you, you will get a LOT of invitations. Sorry! After that they'll trickle through in smaller batches.
  • When you get an invitation just accept or decline or maybe it – whatever you like – or forward it to somebody else in your team.
  • Repeat: there are a LOT of invitations! Do not send me a pissy email when you get six calendar invites in the space of two minutes! ? You opted in – it's your fault! If you want to stop getting them, just return to this page and opt out. 

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