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11am, Friday 19th February 2021

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Buying Success: Building an Agency Collective


When you run an agency you face a choice: build or buy?

Like a lot of agencies these days, Daniel Andrews, CEO of The Tree, decided on the latter.

“By acquiring complimentary agencies as part of a collective, it will accelerate growth for us even quicker – and ultimately have more impact on our clients.”

Daniel decided to strap on his M&A boots when he realised that clients were looking for more than that his agency were offering. 

“We started as a content agency. But when our clients started asking for things with a social spin, we decided to lean into that and become a ‘social first’ agency.”

During the first lockdown, our dependency on social media was off the charts – the need to transform was more urgent than ever before.

“It’s been a baptism of fire,” says Daniel.  “Doing all of this on Zoom is painful. Trying to read people’s emotions through a screen is a real challenge. We’re talking about life-changing decisions, and it’s hard when you’ve not had the chance to build some kind of rapport.”

Is building an agency collective something you should be thinking of?

We’ll be talking to Daniel about his collective’s vision and goals, the kind of agencies he’s looking to target next, and how he has managed to continue his success despite working from home

If you’re thinking of heading down the M&A path, this is the perfect session for you.