Get Ready to Return

• Jump back in! The first in-person agency event of 2021
• Your chance to share stories and get inspired
• 1-5pm, Friday 10th September 2021 / The British Library

Question: How is your agency different NOW to the business that you were running last year?

What will you put back the way it was? And what’s changed FOREVER?

On Friday 10th September we are running a live and in-person event at the The British Library. It is your first opportunity in over a year to meet other agency leaders, share candid stories and compare notes on how your agency has transformed over the a remarkable 12 months.

It’s a Brave New World. I can’t guarantee we’ll shake hands, but if you personally feel ready to leave your home, get inspired and share your story this is the time to do it.

You’ll be able to share notes on your new approach to the office, your culture, the way you run and manage your agency and much more…

BRAVE NEW WORLD: Compare Your Transformed Approach to People, Culture, Office Space, Agency Strategy and More…

When Ronald Reagan ran for his second term, his slogan was: “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?”

The answer, for a vast majority of voting Americans, was YES. Reagan won in a landslide.

Are YOU better off than you were a year ago?

For a vast majority of the world’s population the answer is NO. But for a lot of the Agency Hackers community the answer was a quiet “yes”.

Certainly, people struggled. They were in shock. They suffered losses and had to make cuts. But throughout the year we heard story after story of how leaders stepping up… sticking at it… and flipping their fortunes from doom to domination.

  • They executed and implemented faster and better than they ever had before.
  • They made decisions they should have made years ago in minutes. Months and years of pent up change released in explosion of decision making.
  • They tore down old propositions and re-filled pipelines around new, leaner offerings.

Brave New World is a chance to SHARE those stories – and tell others what’s next for YOU and your business.

We aren’t programming “keynote speakers” for this event – instead the inspiring people there are the “content”

It’s an opportunity to find out how your “normal” compares to others’

Meet other independent agency leaders, and give yourself a bona fide excuse to put on some fresh clothes

Spend the day swapping experiences with other agency leaders across several different spaces

Is Your “New Normal” Normal? Meet 100 Agency Leaders in One Inspiring and Roomy Venue

Brave New World gives you the chance to hear first-hand what other agencies are doing in 2021 and beyond.

  • How are they approaching the office? What hybrid approaches are working, and what toll has remote-only had on culture?
  • With the world in recovery, what plans and aspirations do people have for the next 12 months? For the next 3-5 years?

You will hear candid and inspiring stories from other agency leaders – and take part in topic-specific roundtables. You can meet other agency leaders and find out how they are solving the same pressing challenges you that face.

We have exclusive hire of the British Library’s Knowledge Centre. We’re limiting capacity to 50% to keep numbers comfortable while Covid is still fresh in your mind.

Agency Hackers events always attract a friendly, diverse crowd of helpful and interesting agency leaders 

This if your chance to reacclimatise to the real world in the company of some great agency people

Join us at The British Library

Our venue is the British Library’s Knowledge Centre. We have full hire of the venue – and you will move between rooms to take part in different sessions. (If you’ve been to an Agency Hackers event before, you will know how this works.) The venue has a capacity of 200+ people, but for this event we’re voluntarily capping it at 50% capacity – so we only have 100 tickets. This means there’s an empty seat either side of you in the lecture theatre. 

What will we talk about?

Brave New World is about you meeting other people – it is not about sitting in a chair and passively listening to people talk.

We plan to have facilitated sessions where you can discuss people and culture, strategic planning (where are you taking your agency?), marketing and new business, agency leadership and more.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to ask people who are coming what they’d like to talk about, and craft and shape the topics that way.

Let’s Get Back To Business

Not everybody will be ready to venture out yet. But many can’t wait. We think it’s important to put this on for a few reasons.

  • We want to give you the space to reflect on where your agency is today and share what you plan to become – with people who are genuinely interested in what you are building.
  • We want to give you something to GO to – an excuse and an opportunity to leave your house and be yourself again, with agency people who share the entrepreneurial glint in their eye.
  • We want to give you a space where it’s NORMAL to feel positive about the future and where your achievements are celebrated. 

If you are one of the 5% of people who is responsible for keeping a business going, the only people you can truly speak to are people in the other 5% of people who are in the same business.

This change is not over. It’s just beginning. The world is re-orientating itself.

If you’re not ready, that’s fine – but a lot of people need something to look forward to… and an excuse to venture out

Everyone has a story to tell from the last 12 months. Come and share yours with people who will understand what you’ve been through

Get Ready To Return

Let’s face it – it will feel weird being with other people.

But you cannot stay in your bat cave forever. What better place to return to society than in the friendly Agency Hackers community?

By September 10th – when Brave New World happens – the country should feel different.

Everyone who needs to have been vaccinated will have been vaccinated. People will be going to the theatre. People will be on nightclub dance floors. The newspapers will be about Meghan Markle, not Matt Hancock. Your bad hair will be a memory.

A lot of businesses will not allow their employees to attend events until 2022. We are fortunate to have an audience that do not have to answer to anybody. They can make decisions for themselves.

If it doesn’t make sense for you to attend this event, I understand. If you are still shielding or you just don’t feel comfortable, there is no shame in that at all. We will see you at another event in the future.

But if you are READY to be in a ROOM with people who can encourage you, listen to you, and give you a kick up the arse if necessary, go ahead and join us.


Q) What if the event doesn’t go ahead? Can I get a refund?

A) Yes – if the event doesn’t happen or we have to move it, you can either get a full refund or you can roll your ticket over to the new date. Up to you.

Q) What’s the refund policy if I can’t make it?

A) You can get a full refund up to 4 weeks ahead of the event. After that we can’t refund – but you can pass your ticket onto somebody else.

Q) What sort of agencies will I meet?

A) Typically, the Agency Hackers audience tends to be 20-60 headcount businesses with revenue of between £1m and £4m. We get some smaller and we get some bigger, but that is the sweet spot.

At this event we’re expecting it’s going to be mostly owners, founders, leaders or shareholders attending.

Q) Are we going for drinks afterwards? Is it worth staying down in London and making a night of it?


Join us for several drinks afterwards! Here’s a photo taken during our event at the sadly-missed Kensington Roof Gardens

“38 people in an office full time is never coming back”

At Brave New World you’ll meet and compare post-Covid notes with people like David Gilroy, who runs Conscious Solutions – an agency that specialises in working with law firms.

“Our financial year end is December, and we finished the year at £2.2m – whereas in 2019 we’d been £2.5m. If we go back to Monday 30th March – when we were £42k a month down on £200k per month revenue – if you’d offered me £2.2m I’d have bitten your hand off.”

“Do I see a day in June onwards when we have 38 people in the office every day? Absolutely not apart from ‘high days and holidays’.

We did a survey and found that:

  • 10% want ‘fully home’
  • 10% want ‘fully office’
  • 40% want it ‘fully flexible’
  • 40% want an agreed schedule to suit childcare or anything else.

Whatever we decide, 38 people in the office full-time every day is never coming back.”

David Gilroy

Managing Director, Conscious Solutions

We always use great venues and create a relaxed format to make sure you have a great experience

Meet the friendliest agency people on the planet at the first live Agency Hackers event of 2021