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11am, Friday 6th August 2021

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Can Being a Values-Led Business Lead to Success?

  • Every agency says it has key values…
  • …but do they actually mean something, or are they just buzzwords on your office wall?
  • Join us as we chat to agency leaders whose values are key pillars of their business – and the hard decisions they’ve made because of them.

Do your agency’s values have real teeth – or are they just words on the wall?

Join this discussion with agencies who say they use their values to make hard decisions.

“Our values have had a massive impact on the way we approach business, the way we recruit, and everything we do in our daily life,” says Cas Majid, CEO and founder of the Wow Group.

During the pandemic, Wow brought one of its values to life (‘be empathetic’) when it told clients to “pay us when you can”.

“It was a massive business risk, but we understood that by staying true to our values and being empathetic, we would reap the rewards,” says Cas. “It has put us in good stead with our customers, and we’ve got long-lasting relationships as a result.”

Kat Arney, creative director of First Create the Media, also lives her values. 

“We sat down and thought about values right at the beginning,” she says. “I was sceptical at first and thought it sounded like corporate bullshit but in fact they’ve shaped every decision we’ve made so far – including in our staff review and appraisal process. We ask how team members are delivering against our values, and they’re also something we highlight when we pitch.”

“Our values of integrity and respect mean although we sometimes end up having different conversations with each other as we’re going through the ups and downs of growing the business, we deal with issues as they arise head-on, rather than storing up painful surprises later on.”

Sometimes, your agency’s values lead to difficult conversations with clients.

“The key word in our company is trust,” says Josh Barling, CEO of Sellerdeck. “It’s a valuable asset in a relationship but even more important when managing complex technical solutions.”

“There was a recent project which had a technical issue, resulting in delays and a mis-launch. An account manager spoke with the client, who had said offensive things about the project manager. We agreed internally to give the customer the opportunity to apologise, and thankfully they were cooperative, and we settled the issue without cancelling the project.

  • Join this session to share what values mean to your agency
  • We’ll be talking in more depth about how values can shape an agency, and how they can be used to give you an advantage.
  • Come along and share your story and hear from others.