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[Note: this event has been cancelled. Apologies for the inconvenience.] BE MORE KID: How We Make Our Agency a Fun Place to Work

  • Everyone thinks their agency is a fun place to work…
  • …but how do you instil this in EVERYTHING you do?
  • Ed and Angel from HDY will be talking us through their agency’s ‘be more kid’ mentality, and how it has successfully impacted their agency

Everyone says they want their agency to be a fun place to work – but how successful can this be if it’s not what your principles are founded on?

For Ed James and Angel Gaskell, founders of HDY, it’s simple: be more kid.

Harnessing the inquisitive nature of children, they incorporate this mentality into everything they do. 

“We’ve introduced it to our team development, creating a culture where everyone feels valued and welcomed,” says Angel. “We motivate our team by urging them to be inquisitive and discover what their individual superpowers are.”

“Incorporating a ‘be more kid’ philosophy, we’ve been able to make decisions much more quickly and effectively, and in turn meet our overall goals as an agency,” adds Ed.

And they really do find the fun in EVERYTHING

  • In the first lockdown they launched an online wellness program to help their team connect through live cook-a-longs, dance parties and art therapy sessions
  • On the agency’s second birthday last year, Ed and Angel even personally drove to each team member’s house with a slice of cake and card to replicate childhood birthday parties

This dedicated fun and passionate approach has an impact on their team culture AND on operations – when it comes to engagement, relationships, and general happiness at work, their Officevibe scores are higher than the average agency. It even informs how they deal with tricky clients.

“If you’re working with a hugely challenging, difficult client, and they’re dropping last minute briefs on you and expecting the world back, as a metric we ask ourselves, ‘is this still fun?’,” explains Ed. “If you’re not having fun, there really isn’t any point.”

“When we look back at things that didn’t go quite right for us, it’s usually when we’ve veered away from the passionate principle of ‘be more kid’.”

Ed and Angel will be telling us more about how they incorporate the ‘be more kid’ mentality into everyday agency life, and how you can make your agency a more passionate, playful place to work.