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2pm, Monday 11th January 2021

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AND THE AWARD GOES TO: The Magic of A Winning Awards Strategy

  • There are SO MANY awards right now!
  • Which ones are right for you and your agency – and which are a waste of money?
  • How can you use agency awards to generate new business?

An awards strategy? What’s one of those?

As it turns out, it’s just as important as a social media or marketing strategy. Plus, it could actually be key in helping your agency achieve more than just a trophy.

“Like business development or content marketing, agencies have to create a strategy that links into their business objectives,” explains Stef Brown, an awards expert and agency marketing consultant.

“People look at awards as a way of boosting their CV, but they don’t consider how and why awards should actually loop into overall business objectives. That’s where agencies go wrong right at the beginning.”

There are so many awards, in even more categories, that it’s hard to know where to start.

  • If you haven’t planned in advance, you might find yourself scrambling a couple of weeks before a deadline to get an entry together.
  • Or perhaps you’re applying to lots of creatives awards, thinking they will improve your creative reputation.

“You don’t need to win creative awards to prove that you are creative,” argues Stef. “But I do believe there’s a place for more business effectiveness, or business impact, awards that prove a business case – those that prove that the agency’s creative work actually worked.”

It’s all about defining the exact reason why you’re entering particular awards, and what you hope to achieve if and when you win them. And planning out exactly which awards to enter could help you figure out if your awards budget is actually worth it.

“If you set aside X thousand pounds for awards in order to attract talent, what other things could you do with that money that would get you face to face with the talent instead?” muses Stef.

In this session we’ll talk all about:

  • Working out which awards are right for you and your agency’s objectives
  • Budgeting and investing in awards wisely
  • Using awards to get noticed and win work

If you’ve been trying and failing to see results in the awards world, this session will help you work out where you’ve been going wrong.