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• The online agency leader conference
• 11–15 february 2019

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Make Yourself Redundant

How do you plan your way out of a job? Matteo Console Camprini explains how he’s eliminating himself from day to day operations of fifty-strong agency MCCGLC

Transform Everything

Dan Moore’s agency Studio Output is undergoing the most transformational year of its 17 year history. We’ll ask him how to keep the ship sailing even when you’re rebuilding the hull.

Survive Massive Change

How do you change… everything? Hear Neil Davidson talk about changing HeyHuman’s name, proposition, specialisms, processes, IP and people – oh, and HQ. He’ll even make it sound exciting!

Fall in Love With Procurement

What if procurement was your friend – not your enemy? Re:signal chairman (and ex-procurement guy) Mike Lander shares some very interesting, practical advice. Don’t miss!

Ride the Growth Rollercoaster

From 5 people to 21 people in 2 years. Join Mercury1’s Natalie Haigh for a discussion into how to grow your agency without falling apart.

Adapting as You Grow

In 1997, newspapers and TV shows covered child prodigy Tim Dunton – a 15 year-old “internet entrepreneur” running a successful web design business from his St Albans bedroom. Such stories were a dime a dozen in those days – but 22 years later Tim’s business (now Nimbus Hosting) is still going strong. Tim talks about his journey from oddity to grown-up enterprise, and how he’s weathered every storm the tech sector has seen.

Collaborate to Conquer

As Emma Sexton has grown her agency MYWW, she has created spots on Creative Review, landed her own radio show on TalkRADIO and secured Creative In Residence slots at London’s top Universities. We’ll talk about how collaboration supercharges your success.

Capitalise on Controversy

In a divided world, brands are taking sides. Other Chief Executive Jon Dobinson will share his thoughts on how agencies can take advantage. (Be nice and he might even share some stories from his role in Leave.EU.)

Selling Your Agency

Six years ago James Morgenstern left university and set up an agency Ideal Insight. This year, he negotiated himself an exit with zero earn-out period so he can focus on what’s next. We’ll find out what he learned from the DIY approach to selling your agency.

What Happens To Your Agency When You Become a Mum?

Nalla owner Vicki Young shares what she’s learned about getting your agency ready for your maternity leave. Vicki takes us through the exhaustion and the exhilaration of putting your “first” baby on hold – to have a real one!

Dominate Your Niche

How do you grow from a kitchen table to 150 people (and acquired by WPP) in under 6 years? Two Circles co-founder Gareth Balch will share the ups and downs of his agency’s incredible journey.


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How does it work?

 This is a photo from Agency Summit. Agency Week is an online conference – all the talks happen online. Still, this picture makes the page prettier I guess.

This is a photo from Agency Summit. Agency Week is an online conference – all the talks happen online. Still, this picture makes the page prettier I guess.

  • Agency Week is a virtual conference – a week of live webinar-style interviews with interesting agency leaders.

  • You’ll hear agency bosses like you share lessons learned and wisdom earned.

  • To take part, you just register (it’s free) and then we email you the schedule. You choose which sessions you want log onto. You can listen and lurk, or ask questions and get involved. Up to you!

  • Want to get involved? If you’re an agency leader with a great story to tell, please email [email protected] and we’ll see about having you speak at this event or a future incarnation!


Nimbus Hosting is a UK based hosting company with a dedicated team, focusing on helping agencies and freelancers manage their hosting for their client’s, so you’ll find it’s people naturally speaking your language.

Conceived and developed from the frustration of their clients, they built their own hosting platform, STORM, as an easy way of letting you profit from the hosting component of a client relationship – and removing the headaches you usually associate with hosting. You can perform all the core functions required to manage your web hosting via a simple interface, giving you more time on your web development and less time on server management.