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2pm, Friday 15th January 2021

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DREAM BIG: How Recruiting An Advisory Board Can Benefit Your Agency

  • You can build an all-star board for way less than you think
  • Established figures are waiting to give you advice
  • Discover how to approach recruiting an advisory board to help challenge you and hold your feet to the fire

Who do you have in your business to motivate you and help you see what you’re not seeing?

One of the best decisions that Webcredible founder Trenton Moss says he ever made was to recruit his dream advisory board.

“They were instrumental in helping us with our strategy on an ongoing basis, defining and achieving our objectives and ultimately with the sale of my agency” he explains.

“We’d meet once every quarter for three hours. We’d drive the agenda and then report back each time what we did based on the stuff THEY told US – there was always a feedback loop.”

And when it comes to bringing this specialist advice to the table, it’s much easier than you might think. After all, everyone wants to be part of something.

“It’s so easy to set this up. You just message them on LinkedIn, because if a busy person’s doing their job, no-one’s really contacting them to offer them any jobs,” says Trenton. “I got the most amazing response from it. I’d meet people and spend an hour talking about my business – some of them even turned into clients.”

He says you should make sure you know exactly WHO and WHAT you want, as well as what the company needs.

“We profiled who we wanted, so it wasn’t just a random person,” he says. “We decided on people for specific things they did or were doing that we wanted on board.”

This also means being mindful of when you’re in need of a fresh pair of eyes.

“We did the advisory board for several years and had quite a few different people on it in that time, but I actually had to call someone up and say, ‘I want you to leave the board’,” he explains. “This was someone running a £100m business! But it had been three years, and we could see the meetings were becoming too similar, and the contributions slightly less helpful.”

In this session we’ll be talking to Trenton all about the benefits your dream advisory board can bring to your agency, approaching the right people for you, and how best to navigate the whole experience.